Know About Joint Pain: It’s Causes and Treatment

Joint pain is a common type of pain that can affect individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The frequency of joint pain can be from mild to severe depending upon the age and the cause it can significantly affect the quality of life productivity and functioning of life. Many factors cause joint pain but specifically which type of joint pain it is can only be detected by checking the symptoms of the pain depending upon the type some of the causes are mentioned below.

Causes of Joint Pain:

Arthritis- It is one of the major causes of joint pain it includes  Osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis condition involves damage to joint cartilage, inflammation reduced mobility etc.

Injuries– Injuries due to fracture, dislocation, accident tendon or ligament injury can cause severe pain in the joints physically demanding occupations like running may cause joint pain and it may be chronic if not treated properly.

Autoimmune diseases– These kinds of diseases occur when our immune cell starts to destroy their own cells condition lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis may lead to inflammation of the joint pain tenderness reduced mobility due to the formation of scar tissue in that region and joints are more susceptible to potential damage

Metabolic disorders– Disorders like gout, in which the uric acid crystals accumulate in the joint causing severe pain in the knee. Also weakens the joint and the joint may become fragile

Infections– Infections in the joints due to viruses and bacteria may lead to severe joint pain if not treated properly and may cause reduced mobility and tenderness in the joints.

Other causes are the natural weakening of joints and muscles over time which causes the joint to become fragile with reduced flexibility

Treatment and Diagnosis

Use prescribed medicine– Use the prescribed medicine and avoid using non-prescribed medicines like Ibuprofen, NSAID etc. as it may alleviate the joint pain and cause side effects too.

Lifestyle modifications– Lifestyle modifications are necessary for a healthy body one must have a good balanced diet and weight and lifestyle so that problems like joint pain can be avoided simply by following these tips.

Use of Assistive Devices– Assistive devices can be used for those person who are not able to walk or whose joints are not strong enough to bear their weight devices like splints canes can help them and they also reduce pain and improve mobility.

How to Choose the Best Diagnosis Centre:

A best diagnostic centre will provide all tests & treatment for the diagnosis of knee pain if it is required usually knee pain goes on its own but in severe conditions, it might require testing to know the exact cause of the pain several treatments include medication, change in lifestyle and use of assisted devices etc. so a best diagnostic centre like Ganesh diagnostic has all these facilities to treat the joint pain and all the tests that can be used to screen test are available here

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