The kings of swing and spin: 10 best IPL bowlers of all time

The Indian Premier League is an Indian cricketing carnival that has seen some of the best players in the world display their talents in the franchise leagues, in its beautiful, shiny stadiums. Although all the players that have played in the IPL have been luminescent stars, the bowlers have shined brighter. The IPL has produced some of the best bowlers in the world, from fast and nasty pacers to spinners with magical feet. According to ipl schedule new update, some of the spellbinding moments that these bowlers have produced on the IPL fields delineate the artists I will unveil as the 10 best IPL bowlers. Prepare to be awed by these bowlers who have left their names in cricketing history and their fellow fans on their toes.

  1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar: The swing king

Hailing from the heartlands of Uttar Pradesh, Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s name is etched as the “Swing King” of the IPL. Sporting the Sunrisers Hyderabad jersey, this crafty pacer has wreaked havoc among batters with his swing bowling expertise. Be it angling into the batsman or seaming it away, Kumar’s ability to show the cherry in every which way has been a spectacle to watch. His capabilities are on fire especially during the powerplay overs as he snatches out prized scalps of batters with precise line and length. Kumar’s phenomenal economy rate of 7.24 underlines his exceptional control and accuracy, making him an asset of monumental value.

  1. Amit Mishra: The spin wizard

In the convoluted landscape of spin wizardry, Amit Mishra stands tallest as a true grandmaster of deceit in the IPL. The crafty leg-spinner has got a million batters bamboozled with his mystifying variations and subtle change of paces. Whether it is his devastating turn, nauseating flight, or sublime drift, Mishra has all the tricks in the book to bamboozle the best of willow-wielders. His ability to extract ferocious turns has been his biggest weapon, to date; he has picked a staggering 166 wickets, inking his name as the second-highest wicket-taker in the tournament’s decorated annals. Mishra’s guile and craft personify the beauty of spin bowling.

  1. Jasprit Bumrah: The yorker specialist

The rise of Jasprit Bumrah in the IPL has been a fascinating story of grit and talent. The fast bowler has had batters foxed with his brilliant yorker that kisses the base of the stumps and his slower balls that are barely discernible. Whether he’s repeatedly teaming up a victim on the base of the stumps or fooling the eye at his pace, Bumrah is the master of his craft when it comes to the art of outfoxing. With an outstanding display of composure and precision under critical pressure, Bumrah rapidly became a lynchpin for the Mumbai Indians. Bumrah’s efforts in his squad’s victories should not be underestimated; his name will be etched in the memorabilia of the Indian Premier League.

  1. Dwayne Bravo: The all-rounder extraordinaire

Dwayne Bravo, the swashbuckling West Indian, has been an all-rounder par excellence in the IPL- and an unknown entity to many. The bowler can deliver the new ball with a whirlwind of swing, with the old ball swinging to his tune- leaving opponents awestruck at his clever variations. However, Bravo’s repertoire is not limited to the ball- with the bat, he can smack the ball out of the park, and his fielding unit has been described as the best. Thus, Bravo was the quintessential all-rounder, with his athleticism in the field and bat, on point and shaping an all-rounder craft.

  1. Rashid Khan: The afghan spin wizard

Afghan leg-spinner, Rashid Khan, has terrorized the IPL batsmen with his supreme control and guile over the years. His prodigious turn and unwavering line and length have made him nearly unplayable and one of the tournament’s most dominant bowlers. Rashid has an economy rate of 6.33, which speaks volumes about his consistency and quality.

  1. Ravichandran Ashwin: The spin maestro

The off-spinner from Tamil Nadu has been a major contributor to Chennai Super Kings’ success in the IPL. Ashwin’s variation of pace and ability to turn the ball on any surface has made him a nightmare for opposition batters. Ashwin uses the carrom ball to deceive the batters and also limits their shots, making him a great asset to any IPL team.

  1. Lasith Malinga: The slinger

The tourney has had one force to wreak havoc. The unique sling action of the Sri Lankan pacer meant that batsmen could never pick their lines or length. Moreover, he had the unique ability to bowl yorkers at will. Overall, Malinga has 170 wickets in the IPL, a demonstration of remarkable consistency and skill.

  1. Yuzvendra Chahal: The spin wizard

The Indian leg-spinner from Haryana has proved to be a sensation in the IPL. A terrific turner of the ball and a pinpoint accurate bowler, he has proven to be a menace to most batters. With an economy rate of 7.58, the spinner’s ability to take crucial wickets at the right time has made him a strong weapon for RCB.

  1. Sunil Narine: The mystery spinner

Sunil Narine is an off-spinner from the West Indies who has been an enigma for the opposition batters in the IPL. His action is one of a kind, and he can bowl several variations such as the carrom ball and the knuckleball. With an economy rate of 6.67 and the tendency to pick up wickets at critical junctures, Narine has been a huge strength for the Kolkata Knight Riders.

  1. Kagiso Rabada: The pace sensation

South African pacer, Kagiso Rabada, has been a revelation in the IPL. His speed and bounce combined with a line and length that is always difficult to score against has made the broadcast one of the most feared bowlers in the tournament. Rabada’s economy and his ability to take wickets at crucial times have made the Delhi Capitals a masterstroke.


The above 10 bowlers have already written their names in the book of the history of IPL with their amazing performances and ball skills. As per ipl new update news, be it pacers who can make the new ball talk or the spinners who can outwit the best batters in the world with their smart bowling, these bowlers have provided entertainment and thrill to cricket fans worldwide. Given the popularity of the IPL, there are more bowlers to come and exhibit their talent on this platform.

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